Heledd’s story:

Helping the most vulnerable to live safely at home

Heledd Wyn
Heledd Wyn is an experienced solicitor specialising in estate planning, long-term care and asset protection. She is often asked to help manage the finances of people who are vulnerable and who may not have family to support them.

A recent example came when Heledd was contacted by a land agent who had been helping an individual manage their farm – letting out land on various tenancy agreements. Heledd says: “When he became concerned about the individual’s personal life, he got in touch with us.”

Subsequently, Heledd’s firm has become the ‘court-appointed deputy’, enabling her and her team to make sure that her client’s money (including savings and pensions) is managed in the most efficient way so that their life at home is as comfortable as possible and they are able to live “their best life”.

Each situation is different, but Heledd is keen to point out the important principles when supporting people who might be regarded as vulnerable: “This is about getting to know the client well, finding out what their needs are, and also managing a number of relationships for that person, whether that’s a carer or a tradesperson.”

In this case, Heledd was able to provide her client with a support package that allows them to remain in their own home with round-the-clock support and assistance: “In cases like this one, we’ll put a care package in place for our client that provides 24/7 live-in carers. They attend to all our client’s needs and arrange to buy anything they may want or need.”

Heledd is a member of STEP, a global professional body that represents lawyers, accountants, trustees and other practitioners that help families plan for their futures. STEP members are internationally recognised as experts in their field, with proven qualifications and experience. As a former member of the STEP Mental Capacity Special Interest Group Committee, Heledd is particularly committed to supporting vulnerable people to lead an independent and fulfilled life, and draws on many STEP resources to do so.


“Planning what happens if you or a loved one become vulnerable is crucial to remaining at home.”

When it comes to looking after older or more vulnerable family members, it’s important to look ahead, says Heledd: “Early planning and discussions about what happens if you or a loved one become vulnerable are crucial. Making sure that people know what is important to you is such a good idea. Then, if you do become vulnerable, the person who is looking after you can have total confidence that they are doing exactly what you would want.”

There will likely come a time in everyone’s life when they may not be equipped to make decisions for their financial future. Luckily, there are many companies and charities committed to helping older or more vulnerable people manage their finances.

Age UK has a whole host of resources dedicated to money and finance, and its legal and financial advice leaflet provides many tips on staying safe and prepared. If you have little experience of dealing with finances or you’re confused about making a decision, Citizens Advice recommends looking into professional financial advice. A financial adviser can help with things like planning for your retirement, investing or saving money, or dealing with life changes such as a bereavement or change in circumstances. Likewise, services like Money Helper also provide free and impartial financial advice.

However you choose to plan for your or your loved ones’ future, Heledd says that it never hurts to ask for additional support: “There are so many resources and support services out there to help support vulnerable people and enable them to remain independent at home. But getting good independent legal and financial advice via STEP is a great place to start.”

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