Meet our influencers

Throughout our campaign, we’ve worked with influencers from the disabled community to spread the message of We Are Able.

On this page, you can explore their empowering content that informs and inspires.

@blindtobes AD Make sure to check out the We Are Able Hub. Such a good resource for independent living #weareable #blind #blindtok #accessibility #disabled #disabledtok #fyp ♬ original sound - Toby
@rosslannon Welcome to my crib!! 🏡 Today I am sharing a little insight into my home, by showing you some of my favourite electrical gadgets that help me to live independently. As a full-time wheelchair user, I rely heavily on a lot of powered equipment in my day-to-day life. That’s why I signed up to my local Priority Services Register, which is a free service designed to support those who need a little extra help in the event of utility interruptions ⚡️ For more information and guidance on independent living, check out the ‘We Are Able’ Hub - by visiting #ad #WeAreAble #Disability #Fyp #HouseTour #Home #Wheelchair #Gadget #Power #Disabled #Access #DisabilityTikTok #DisabledTikTok #Accessible #Cornwall #Vlog #Bed #WheelchairUser #Electric #Support ♬ Blue Moon - Muspace Lofi
@prishabathia Living with a chronic illness or disability can present unique challenges, but the We Are Able Hub has been a game-changer for me. 💙🌟 Recently, I came across an article on the We Are Able Hub that emphasised the importance of taking time for myself amidst the challenges of managing chronic illnesses. It was a gentle reminder to step out of the chaos of daily life and prioritise self-care. By visiting the We Are Able Hub, you'll connect with like-minded individuals, find the support you need, and unlock a world of possibilities for living independently and confidently. I encourage you to check out the We Are Able Hub. 💗 #Ad #WeAreAble #ChronicIllnessSupport #DisabilitySupport ♬ original sound - Prisha Bathia

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