Rachelle & Jasper's story:

Rebuilding independence through unbreakable bonds

Rachelle lives in Oldham with her three children and her dog, Jasper.

In December 2010, Rachelle went to tend to her young daughter who had woken up crying. But as she stood up to go to her, she collapsed.

After ringing 111, Rachelle was admitted to hospital. The following morning, while being seen by a doctor, Rachelle struggled to breath. Then, she realised she couldn’t move or speak.

Rachelle was diagnosed with Guillian-Barré syndrome. This rare disorder is when your body’s immune system attacks your nerves. For Rachelle, this means she can be doing a simple everyday task and her legs will give out unexpectedly, causing her to drop to the floor. On her bad days, she can be completely bedbound and unable to be touched, which has affected her mental health and left her feeling like she has less independence.

“Jasper doesn’t have the NHS, like we do. That’s why I give him the next best thing by insuring him with Petplan. They give me peace of mind.”

But that’s where Rachelle’s dog, Jasper, comes in.

Although Jasper has had no formal training, he seems in tune with Rachelle’s condition. He senses when she’s going to fall, comforts her, and knows when he can’t touch her. He helps her manage her pain and provides support, enhancing her life and helping her to keep safe at home. Because of this, Jasper was deservedly crowned a Hero Pet of the Year finalist at the Petplan Awards.

Because Jasper takes such good care of Rachelle, she makes sure to return the favour by insuring him with Petplan. As pet medical bills can add up,  Petplan insurance gives Rachelle peace of mind that she can financially handle any medical care that Jasper may need, and ensures that he has the best care throughout his life.

About the PSR

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If you or someone you know has extra communication, access or safety needs, signing up to the PSR will help you to access the best possible services at all times and to feel safe and independent at home.

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