Isabella's story:

Domiciliary care at home to stay independent

Isabella is 85 years old and having been born in India, came to live in England in 1960. After her husband died and she retired in 1996, Isabella moved to Cardiff so she could be nearer to her family.

In recent years, Isabella noticed her eyesight getting worse. She also has Spondylitis in her spine, which causes difficulty walking. Because of this, Isabella started losing her confidence. She had to give up her hobbies and driving because of her health issues, and felt she was losing her independence.

Though she needed to attend the opticians for regular eyecare appointments because of her diabetes, she found that it was too much with her health ailments, and she could no longer get there alone. Isabella thought she’d have to give up going altogether – until she met Mr Kamal Kalsi.

“Helping Isabella with her eyecare appointments has made me feel really good because I could make a difference to someone’s life.”

After seeing an advert for eyecare tests at home, Isabella was introduced to Kamal, a Domiciliary Optometrist, who now comes to her house annually to conduct her eyecare examinations in the comfort of her own home. Supported by the Association of Optometrists (AOP), Kamal is an AOP council member representing the whole of Wales, and supports patients in their home throughout the UK.

Kamal has now been conducting regular eyecare appointments with Isabella in her home for five years. After their first meeting, Kamal discovered it was cataracts that were causing Isabella problems with her eyesight. Without his home support, Isabella would have never gone on to have the surgery that helped to correct this.

Now, Isabella can enjoy her hobbies once more (and even some new ones!), and her quality of life has improved knowing that she has her independence back.

About the PSR

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service, designed to support those who need a little extra help in the event of interruptions to their gas, water or electricity supply.

If you or someone you know has extra communication, access or safety needs, signing up to the PSR will help you to access the best possible services at all times and to feel safe and independent at home.

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