HeleN’s story:

Overcoming the odds to remain independent at home

Helen Dolphin MBE is an accessibility expert and mobility consultant. She is the founder of People’s Parking and works with mobility businesses to make it easier for disabled people to get around in public spaces.

Helen became a quadruple amputee aged 22, when she contracted meningococcal septicemia – a form of meningitis. As a result, Helen’s life changed dramatically.

However, with the support of her family, she signed up for Art and English courses. This helped to give Helen the confidence to move out of her parents’ home to live alone; to start a new job, and to learn to drive.

“You might need a bit of help and support to do things, but it shouldn’t stop you from living your best life.”

Helen has now lived more than half of her life as a disabled person. Though she remains independent, she admits to having challenges. However, Helen has harnessed the help of specialist equipment and employed help to enable her to live more independently.

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About the PSR

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service, designed to support those who need a little extra help in the event of interruptions to their gas, water or electricity supply.

If you or someone you know has extra communication, access or safety needs, signing up to the PSR will help you to access the best possible services at all times and to feel safe and independent at home.

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