Hasy's story:

Helping tenants through difficult times

When Louise was told her home was being repossessed 17 years ago, she was distraught. With two young children to care for, Louise worried that she wouldn’t be able to provide a safe, stable home for her children to grow up in.

Louise spent hours ringing around trying to find a new place to call home. She was beginning to give up hope – until she met Hasmita Reardon.

“If I hadn’t have met Hasy, we’d have been moving around a lot. But instead, my family walks in here, and this is our home.”

Hasmita – or Hasy, as she prefers to be called – came to the UK aged 11 as a refugee. She knew what it was like to be in Louise’s situation, and due to her position as a landlady, was able to provide support and help Louise and her family move into their new home.

Hasy didn’t just provide Louise and her family with a house – she also helped arrange a deposit through the rent deposit scheme, as well as assisting Louise with accessing income support. Since then, Louise and her family have been able to enjoy a safe and stable life in their home.

Hasy is part of the NRLA, an association for campaigning and supporting landlords. Find out more about the NRLA here.

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