Bill’s story:

Using support services to overcome agoraphobia

After leaving school, Bill joined the band Roger James Four. The band became quite well known, touring the country and garnering plenty of attention. The Roger James Four went on to secure a contract with EMI, and the band even recorded at Abbey Road Studios!

“I surprised myself when I said yes to the call with RVS.
I wouldn’t usually have let anyone in. Thank goodness
I did.”

After a car accident, Bill became depressed and he developed agoraphobia. As a result, the simplest things became very difficult for him and he didn’t properly leave his home for 20 years.

When Bill received a call from the Royal Voluntary Service asking if he’d like regular visits from one of their volunteers, he was matched with Barry. He now enjoys going out to the cinema and coffee with him, which has had a major impact on his mental wellbeing and happiness at home.

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